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Raidmax R4 Computer Case Review

Submitted by on June 7, 2015 – 10:49 pm One Comment

Raidmax R4Raidmax R4 Review

Let me start off by getting straight to the point, this case is a complete POS. I can confirm the several online feedback I’ve seen on Amazon and Ebay stating exactly this is indeed valid. I’m just glad I got it on sale for $29.99 and not the regular retail price of $59.99. Otherwise I’d be really pissed.

I went to Frys Electronics looking for a cheap mATX case to build a computer from a spare mATX mother board I had lying around and bought this case because it was on sale. It had a sleek clean look to it and came with a 300W power supply. Additionally it comes with a stand to allow for an upright position. After checking out the demo on the shelf, it looked like a good deal for a cheap computer case. Needless to say, this is where the good ends and the poor quality shines!

The first noticeable issue was when I attempted to place the mATX board I had in the case. It wouldn’t fit.  While it was certainly wide enough, it definitely isn’t deep enough to fit most of the mATX boards out there.

Micro ATX motherboards can run anywhere from 7.6 to 9.6 inches wide and long with the overwhelming majority in the 9X9 configuration. The are very few mATX boards small enough to fit this case even though Raidmax claims it to be a mATX case.

All was not lost though since I also had an Intel Mini-ITX Quad Core Atom Board that would fit. The ITX board had a single expansion slot so I could drop in a low profile Zotac GT610 to run 1920 X 1080 via HDMI since the Raidmax R4 has four low profile expansion slots. Change of plans, no biggie or so I thought.

This is where the second major issue comes in, the slots are misaligned as well as being too tall to fit low profile cards and too short to fit regular sized cards. It appears there was some really bad or non-existent QA when this case was designed and built. After looking online for Raidmax R4 reviews I found this had been mentioned a couple of times by other people.

The third major problem with the case is the almost worthless power supply that comes with it. For starters it is LOUD as it has a very cheap 80mm fan running wide open. It’s a non PWM fan so it is either wide open or off. It literally sounds like a Dirt Devil Hand Held Vacuum when powered up. There is no way I could use this power supply in any computer I would be using. Using it as an HTPC would be asinine to say the least. The power supply is rated for 300W but crapped out at 200W almost instantly when load tested with a Kill-A-Watt meter. Top quality junk here.

Other issues that I noticed.

– Bracket for Blu-Ray/DVD player is slightly off center so the door gets hung when opened. Could be fixed by re-drilling and repositioning mounting holes.

– 2.5 HD mount is is in a very awkward and extremely tight position.

– Front panel door is extremely flimsy and pops off when used.

– Whole case is very thin sheet metal and easily bends

My conclusion is this Raidmax R4 case is a complete piece of crap. If you are looking to build a mATX system using expansion cards and the power supply with this case, you are going to be very disappointed.

I suppose if you are running an all in one style ITX or very small mATX using no expansion slots and changed out the power supply it might very well work. It certainly isn’t worth the $59.99 Frys Electronics is now asking for it as there are much better cases for the same or slightly higher price.

Buy something else, don’t buy the Raidmax R4 case.


Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 1.21.57 AM

Raidmax R4 Power Supply
Raidmax R4 Power Supply Specs. Dies instantly when loaded with 200W

Love this case. Just ordered one to build a water cooled Asus Maximus Impact.

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  • Pradeep says:

    Sir, Thank you for that post as I can vouch for you true assessment. This compter enclosure is of very poor quality. I used Antec ISK-600 after having no success with the Raidmax R4 case.

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